ə. «büqə» c. ölkələr

Klassik Azərbaycan ədəbiyyatında islənən ərəb və fars sözləri lüğəti. 2009.

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  • Buqa — (died January 16 1289) was a Mongol lord who was instrumental in sweeping Arghun to power as the fourth Il Khan of Iran in 1284 and became his chief minister (vizier) and advisor, succeeding Shams ad Din Juvayni whom Arghun had executed. Aided by …   Wikipedia

  • Buqa Temür — was a khan of the Chagatai Khanate (1272? 1282). He was the son of Qadaqchi.Sometime around 1272 Buqa Temür killed Negübei, who had rosen in revolt against Kaidu. Perhaps as an award for this, Kaidu appointed him as head of the Chagatai Khanate.… …   Wikipedia

  • Esen Buqa I — was Khan of the Chagatai Khanate (1310 c. 1318). He was the son of Duwa. In 1309 Esen Buqa s brother Kebek ordered a meeting ( quriltai ) to determine the future of the khanate following his seizure of power. The meeting resulted in Esen Buqa… …   Wikipedia

  • Esen Buqa II — (died 1462) was Khan of Moghulistan from 1429 until his death. He was the younger son of Uwais Khan.When Uwais Khan was killed in 1428 the Moghuls were thrown into a state of confusion. Some of them supported Esen Buqa, while others supported his …   Wikipedia

  • Al Buqa'a — Nombre completo Al Buqa a Fundación 1968 (1 de enero de 1968) Estadio Estadio Al Quwaysimah Ammán, Jordania …   Wikipedia Español

  • Al Buqa'a — Voller Name Al Buqa a Ort Amman Gegründet 1968 Stadion Al Quwaysimah Stadion …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Al Buqa'a — Football club infobox clubname = Al Buqa a fullname = Al Buqa a nickname = founded = 1968 ground = Al Quwaysimah Stadium Amman, Jordan capacity = 15,000 chairman = Omar Khamis manager = league = Jordan League season = 2007/08 position = pattern… …   Wikipedia

  • Al Buqa'a — Infobox club sportif Al Buqa a Généralités …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Tula Buqa — ou Talabuga (mort en 1291) est un khan de la Horde d Or de 1287 à 1290. Fils de Baita , il succède à son oncle Tuda Mangu. Voir aussi Histoire de la Mongolie Horde d Or Précédé par …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Tayisung Khan, Emperor Taizong of Northern Yuan — Chinese Emperor birth=1416 death=1452¹ family name= Clan Name (Obogh) Borjigin Khalkha Mongolian: Боржигин Chinese: 孛兒只斤 begin era=1433 end era=1452² posthumous name full= None Given begin reign=1433 end reign=1452 dynasty=Northern Yuan (北元)… …   Wikipedia

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